We provide truly unique, innovative solutions to achieve improved workflow and end results for our clients throughout Alberta. Contact us to learn more about oil & gas surveys, construction surveys and consulting, pipeline integrity surveys, telecom surveys and municipal surveys, including Real Property Reports.

Oil & Gas Surveys

Velocity Group offers a wide range of geomatics and surveying services to the oil and gas sector, both upstream and midstream. From start to finish—project planning, design, survey, and construction—we can be involved through the lifecycle of a project.

Upstream Services

  • project consultation and pre-planning
  • LiDAR Plans
  • compiled mapping
  • route and site selection
  • pad design, civil earthworks & construction support
  • well site and access road surveys
  • pipeline right of way surveys
  • underground facilities locating

Midstream Services

  • large diameter pipeline surveys (including an improved process for 3D control of trench excavation process, optimized ditch design and pipeline bending engineering)
  • facilities surveys-including engineering surveys for fabrication and layout
  • construction and as-built surveys
  • pipeline integrity surveys

Construction Surveys & Consulting

Velocity Group is a trusted partner in terrain modeling, precision measurement, and 3D Machine Control for construction, civil engineering, municipal, resource, infrastructure development and utilities applications. Our proven solutions and expertise facilitate:

  • large diameter pipeline construction
  • precision bending engineering
  • utilities layout (power and distribution)
  • grading and earthworks
  • facilities layout
  • as-built surveys (facilities and vessels)
  • road construction
  • topographic surveys
  • buried facilities locating
Velocity Group

Pipeline Integrity Surveys

Velocity Group has the experience and tools to enhance the planning and execution of pipeline integrity projects. Our customized approach and innovative correlation of survey and in-line tool data will yield exceptional dig results. Our experienced teams will provide the following services for your project:

  • custom mapping (access and planning)
  • above-ground & sub-surface marker surveys
  • depth of cover surveys
  • operational support for in-line inspections
  • facility as-builts
  • dig sheets
  • dig site staking
  • construction layout
  • right of way staking
  • underground facilities locating
  • data management
Velocity Group

Telecom Surveys

With extensive knowledge and experience in Telecom Site selection and planning, Velocity Group will help you streamline your project. Our clients partner with us for efficient and innovative telecommunication survey services, including:

  • project consultation and pre-planning
  • site candidate evaluation
  • lease site selection and survey
  • site planning (tower, compound, access, utilities & power)
  • site construction surveys
  • as-built surveys for co-location
  • underground facilities locating
Velocity Group

Municipal Surveys

Velocity Group Professional Land Surveyors provide surveying solutions for a wide range of municipal, residential, and commercial clients. From real property reports and fence line surveys, to large subdivision and construction development projects, and many more including:

  • subdivisions (planning & application support)
  • development permit surveys
  • plot plans
  • foundation staking
  • grading certificates
  • lot boundary/fence line surveys
  • topographic/site surveys
  • construction surveys (residential, commercial, industrial)

Real Property Reports

We enjoy supporting our local communities. Many realtors, law firms and residents have made us their preferred service provider. We are cost effective, responsive and professional.

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