The regulatory process can be complex. Velocity Group sees the project in the context of the regulatory environment and has the expertise to navigate you through it. We are here from the initial project planning stages right through to completion inspections and post-completion environmental monitoring. By planning and managing regulatory issues in advance, we help our clients facilitate good relationships with regulators and avoid project hold-ups, expenses and liabilities.

Velocity Group offers combined survey & environmental crews. We either do 2-person crew or 3-person crews depending on project size. This means our environmentalist is trained as a survey assistant and has the required training, knowledge and experience to do the required environmental assessments while surveying. Utilizing this combined expertise is extremely cost effective and allows for quicker turnarounds on deliverables to our clients.

Our in-house environmental team provides a range of services from assessments & approvals to inspections and follow-up monitoring.

Environmental Services

Wetlands Assessment
Watercourse Crossing & Culvert Assessments
Wildlife Sweeps
Regulatory Consultation & Planning
Pre-site Assessments
Wetland Reclamation Planning
A man wearing a red water vest is testing the quality of wetland water with a long white tube and reading machine