Velocity Group’s senior professional and technical civil engineering staff offer diverse industry experience across a broad range of services to many industry sectors throughout Alberta. Contact us to learn more about our general civil engineering services and specialty services in land development, municipal, transportation and industrial engineering.

Civil Engineering Services

Velocity Group offers a complete range of services for projects of all sizes and all stages of project life cycles, including:

  • planning
  • engineering design and feasibility reports
  • cost estimating
  • site servicing and/or grading plans
  • computer modelling & design (water, sanitary, storm, earthworks balancing)
  • preparation of design drawings & specifications
  • contract preparation
  • project tendering and recommendation
  • contract administration
  • project management
  • construction Inspection, quality assurance & records
  • contractor supervision
  • construction survey
  • construction completion inspection and certificates
  • record drawings
  • final acceptance inspection and certificates
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Land Development

Velocity Group provides complete civil engineering services for land development in projects of all sizes, from single to multi-lot and multiphase developments:

  • residential subdivisions
  • industrial subdivisions
  • commercial subdivisions
  • concept and area structure development plans
  • development approvals
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Velocity Group provides complete civil engineering services for municipal engineering projects of all sizes for small communities to large city systems and networks:

  • new & rehabilitation projects for deep utilities and road networks
  • new projects for deep utilities and/or road networks
  • water systems
  • sanitary sewer systems
  • storm water management systems


Velocity Group provides complete civil engineering services for transportation engineering projects in the Municipal and Provincial government sectors:

We offer the following services:

  • traffic impact assessments & studies
  • new road designs
  • road widening, upgrading and/or rehabilitation
  • intersection treatments and improvements
  • culvert designs
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Velocity Group provides complete civil engineering services for Industrial projects in the oil and gas, timber and pulp and paper sectors:

  • site grading & drainage
  • water storage ponds (raw water and process water)
  • access road design

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